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Local Themes

Robin grew up in Carmel, California and has always been inspired by the natural beauty of the California coast. She incorporates many local themes and local materials into her designs. Her work reflects her love of the Pacific Ocean, Carmel and the California coast. Below is an image collection of the types of pieces you can expect to see in our store.

These pieces have all found homes but if you see a particular piece, in one of these albums you want to have re-created, copy and paste the exact image into an email so we can refer to it easily. We will do our very best to make a special piece for you as similar as possible to the original.

Email us at: robins_jewelry@yahoo.com
or call the shop: (831)626-4119

 Just click the images below to view these collections.

Reversible Cypress Necklaces with Abalone



Reversible Stone Cypress Necklaces


Cypress Tree Earrings


Mermaid & Sea Creature



Ocean Themed Bracelets



                 Local Beach Glass

These pieces, in the albums below, all incorporate local beach glass. What is beach glass? "Beach glass," or "Sea glass," is any old bottle or other glass that has been tossed out into the ocean. The glass becomes naturally tumbled by the waves and tides and eventually washes up on the beaches as smooth, matte-finished, gemstone-like pieces of glass.

Robin can take your very own piece of  beach glass and turn it into a special piece of jewelry. Bring it into our store in downtown Carmel-by-the-sea. It just depends on the shape and condition of the glass that determines if we can work with it. 

We can engrave the back with your name, date and any other special message you want. Engraving is always free!

Local Beach Glass Necklaces


Local Beach Glass Creature Necklaces


Local Beach Glass Bracelets


Local Beach Glass Earrings



                    Big Sur Jade

What is Big Sur Jade? It's a form of green jade that washes up as beautiful, ocean-polished pebbles on the rockier beaches along the Big Sur coastline. It can even be found on beaches as far up as Monterey or further south down by Lucia and Cambria. If you find a piece bring it in and depending on the shape of the stone, we can usually set it into a piece of jewelry for you.

Local Big Sur Jade Necklaces